Art Display Essentials

After many years of working with museums and dealers in the area of antiques, ancient art and other fine collectibles, we have seen an increasing need for reliable, quality stock display materials, a need which could not be met by the limited range and inferior quality of most store display and fitting suppliers.

Much time has been spent searching for products and refining our own designs.  We have brought together what we believe is the finest selection of stock mountings and display items in the world.  These items have been extensively tested and used by major American and European institutions and collectors and are now available to you.

Using only top quality materials and applying our knowledge of the museums’ and collectors’ world, we have designed and produced a range of over 200 different cabinets and stands.  These range from a simple stand to take a Roman tear phial, up to micro-climate cases, which protect objects from the damaging effects of humidity changes when exhibited abroad.

If we don’t have the item for which you are searching, we can design and build one specifically to suit your needs.  Our design staff is available to offer advice and suggestions on how best to display an object.

For a look at our immediate inventory, please visit our Art Display Essentials shopping site.  Take a look at our catalogs as well and please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions.