While 10-31 prides itself on our craftsmanship, we also recognize the need for partnerships that share our common goal of providing high quality work in specialized areas that may be outside of the scope of what 10-31 traditionally offers. As a result, we are now the Exclusive Sales Representative for Cristalux Museum Display cases in North America.

Cristalux supplies quality display cases worldwide through several partner companies. Major museums and design firms look to Cristalux to provide custom glass display cases and solutions for complex display situations. With its in house production capabilities in glass, wood, metal and electrical components, CRISTALUX Kirchberger Glas GmbH & Co. KG is able to accommodate a wide range of presentation configurations. Major projects include:

  • The Museum of Antiquities in Basel, Switzerland
  • The Treasure Chamber of the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany
  • The National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Arabian Horse Gallery, Lexington, KY

What makes Cristalux display cases different from their competitors is their broad knowledge of glass. Many display case manufacturers started out as cabinetry or display manufacturers, and only add glass as a necessity. Cristalux’s approach makes glass the centerpiece of the design and construction with ‘perfect transparency’ glass and an invisibly integrated hinge and locking system. This philosophy of design and construction truly embodies the “All Glass” display case, and makes them one of the premier glass display case manufacturers in the world.