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Airborne and Special Ops Museum

For more than eighty years, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Cumberland County and North Carolina have lived and worked in cooperation with one another. The Airborne & Special Operations Museum now stands as a symbol for many years of teamwork, sacrifice, and victory.

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Bellagio Casino

10-31 was contacted to make a group of custom displays for various parts of the casino.

Working with Exhibition Designer Clifford LaFontaine, we fabricated sections of the museum area, the Salon Prive, and the Picasso Dining Room.

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Bunny Williams Gallery

This project was done in a private Florida home in association with Bunny Williams Inc.

Bunny Williams great style create comfortable rooms and livable interiors.

This project involved 25 individual wall brackets and mounting coral with armatures and brackets.

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Cullman & Kravis, Inc.

This project, in a private Manhattan home, involved taking a large, heavy wooden screen and floating it on the wall so that it was shown in it's articulated fashioned.

The project started as a request by designer Ellie Cullman of Cullman & Kravis, Inc. to raise the screen 12" on a box pedestal.

10-31 suggested that we could float the whole screen, since we have done this before with Japanese paper screens.

The idea of floating the screen excited the designer, who loves to work with art in her interior design work.

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Druckenmiller Gallery

This project was done in a private Southampton residence in association with Pamela Banker Assoc. Pamela was remodeling their foyer to incorporate the client's new collection of Chinese antiquities.

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Hancocks Jewelers

Hancocks Jewelers of London contacted 10-31 in 2005 to design display cabinets that they could use for the art and antique shows that they participate in when they are in the U.S..

The cabinets are made from cherry, ebonized cherry and anodized aluminum accents. The jewelry cabinets use a combination of flourescent lighting and Quartz Halogen MR 16 fixtures to balance the color.

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Rickey Sculpture Pedestal

When a New York client purchased a kinetic sculpture by well-known artist George Rickey, she wanted to have a pedestal designed so that the sculpture would move with internal fans.

The first attempt to produce a pedestal by another fabricator failed and 10-31 were called to solve the problem. Architect and designer Sandra Forman wanted a sleek bronze pedestal and the client wanted little or no noise to be perceptible from the pedestal.

The final solution was to install two fans that cycled on and off so that opposing breezes were formed. Internal electronics, whisper quiet high output fans, and internal baffling came together to produce the final, successful result.

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J. J. Lally Gallery

A renovation in 2002 of the back gallery and office area used 10-31's talents to modernize the cabinetry.

J. J. Lally and Company still uses 10-31 for all their display stand and mounting jobs.

Special exhibitions ars designed and installed by 10-31's owner, William Stender.

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Private Client - Ship Model Display

When Interior Designer Joseph Kremer wanted a dramatic presentation for a New Jersey client's collection of ship models, he contacted 10-31 and William Stender to produce this truly unique form of ship model display.

William worked with Architect James Paragano to add fiber optic lighting to the display cabinets and 10-31 installed both the fiber optic lighting system and the custom made display brackets for each ship model.

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National Firearms Museum

In 1993, 10-31 was awarded the contract to produce mounts for and install over 2000 historically significant firearms for the National Firearms Museum. In association with museum designer Lucien Leone, 10-31 installed the museum in record time.

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Princeton Museum

When the Greek and Roman department of the Princeton Museum wanted to move some prized mosaics indoors and use them as a showcase in their new study library, they contacted 10-31 to do the job.

They needed conservation and new mounting brackets. The conservation was done in association with Jane Guiles art restoration and moving and rigging was performed by Marshall Art Services.

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Carlton Rochelle Gallery

10-31 Custon Mount Shop has known Cartlon Rochelle since he was an assistant at Sotheby's in the late 80's.

When Carlton decided to open his own Gallery in 2002, he called William Stender and asked him to work out the details of a very quick renovation of his new Gallery at 41 East 57th Street in New York.

10-31 took care of all the Art Mounting, pedestals and construction of cabinetry and display cabinetry.

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Scrimshaw Displays

These displays were made for a very rare scrimshaw tooth and a whaling log from the ship that to tooth was made on.

This project was done as a group effort between 10-31 Cabinetry and 10-31 Custom Mount Shop.

The tooth had a molded fitting that held the tooth securely and the tooth rotated within the case with a small wheel under the base.

The log book had a custom acrylic cradle and a UV acrylic cover.

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10-31 Custom Mount Shop has had a long history of working with Sotheby's Auction House. Almost from the start, we have been providing custom art mountings and pedestals to the New York auction house.

This pedestal was made for the auction of a famous and historic house, the Mies Van der Rohe Farnsworth house.

Sotheby's commissioned Len Morgan of LA Morgan Design to design a pedestal and model for the upcoming auction since the house could not be brought to New York. Len asked us to fabricate the pedestal in the same style as the house, with white steel, glass, and travertine marble.

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Totem Pole Installation

In 2005, 10-31 Custom Mount Shop was commissioned to mount and install our tallest project to date, a 25' NW Coast Totem Pole. The 20th century pole was privately owned and after conservation and restoration, the owner wanted to put it back outdoors.

The mount had to be made out of stainless steel, so that it would not corrode. The bottom edge of the pole had started to rot, and even after conservation, it was very important that the base of the pole could not sit on any surface so that water would not wick up into the pole. The pole's stainless steel armature had to be strong enough to hold the piece unsupported from the bottom.

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Susan Tunick Gallery

Ceramic artist Susan Tunick contacted 10-31 because she needed durable steel and plywood frames that would withstand weather and high winds. The project included designing and fabricating two-sided frames that she could fit her custom tiles into. The frames were then zinc dipped and powder coated to increase their weatherability.

This was a two-part project which included 10 Medallions set into the railings and 10 two-sided way-finder flags mounted on the lamp posts.

These pieces have a color range that reflects changes in the light from down to dusk.

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Zodiac Figures - Private Client

A private client in Greenwich contacted 10-31 for a special project. The had just purchased a set of Chinese Zodiac figures in Hong Kong and they wanted to show in their dining room. We developed a unique solution by installing thin steel shelves that were shaped to match the front of each figure.

The shelves were installed by routing areas out of the plaster and screwing mounting plates to the recesses. The next step was to have the wall plastered and painted, and then we came back and installed the custom molded fittings that kept the figures firmly in place.

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